“Mens running” shoes meant for people who always want something outstanding something to flex but with top notch performance. The shoes mentioned are on the basis of there performance, price and design. Top 10 best mens running shoes 1.Nike ZoomX Vaporfly Next% 2 No blog related to running starts or end without mentioning Nike. This […]

(Non-Fungible Token) Trendy NFT That Got Everybody’s Attention We will keep it simple NFT(Non-Fungible Token). It’s a sort of Unique digital file or say Unique digital art just one of its own kind it could be an image, video an audio maybe. The file is stored on blockchain, the file can still be seen online […]

Top trends of Fall(2022) top styles by fashion house Hermès. Hermès| Latest Fall Collection(2022) LOOK 1 One thing which can be noted from the first look is, it is time for loose pants maybe it is time to say Au Revoir to tight skinny jeans and another trendy thing folding Cuffs just take a look […]

latest trendy Shoes for women 5 Trendy Shoes for women 1. Blanc Chunky Trainers or say White Chunky Sneakers Even though its been like a year or so they are still damn cool and the look of it with bell bottoms or little loose straight pants are just fabulous Our suggestion (https://www.farfetch.com/in/shopping/women/gucci-crystal-embellished-bee-sneakers-item-13583727.aspx?storeid=11871)

www.lyst.com Vogue Girls fashion top and new trends to follow this year (2022-2023) 1.Oversized coats, jackets and blazzer Jackets should always rest loosely on your hip unless you opted for a slightly cropped style but there is no place for clingy cuffs they might cause some distraction and are little hard to manage and Never […]