NFT in Fashion

(Non-Fungible Token) Trendy NFT That Got Everybody’s Attention

We will keep it simple NFT(Non-Fungible Token). It’s a sort of Unique digital file or say Unique digital art just one of its own kind it could be an image, video an audio maybe. The file is stored on blockchain, the file can still be seen online though you have ownership of it but it could be downloaded or screenshotted by anyone almost at same quality.

1. Hermès

What do you think of it Digital Birkin bags I mean the art would you consider buying them or will you hit the store for Actual Birkin bag. Well how do you see it as an investment or as an Art. Talking about Investment the price is going crazy due to exclusivity minute by minute. Hermès suing the digital artist well this is another whole topic moving on to next.

2. Louis Vuitton

louis vuitton game
louis vuitton
louis vuitton nft

Well this is Louis Vuitton who always surprise us with it’s designs but this time it is about video game which rewards players with NFT the game is launched on IOS platform we are not sure but it might come to android as well but there is no guarantee.

3. Burberry

the burberry
burberry nft
sharky b
Credit: Burberry

you might be thinking what is this, so this Blankos-block party this is on early access and it’s a game the image you see is of ‘Sharky b’ who is covered in TB logo whether you like it or not some people will die for it because it is Burberry after all who doesn’t a piece of it this not all it will we be providing pools, Skins as well.

4. Ray Ban

ray ban nft
ray ban aviators
Credit: Ray Ban

I’m sure at least once you all have bought Ray Ban the brand known for it’s Aviators is here with Non Fungible Token. This is Ray Ban Aviators Non Fungible Token. The digital art was designed by German artist Oliver Latta.

5. Gucci

SuperplasticXGucci NFT
Credit: Superplastic X Gucci

Gucci which needs no introduction to anyone though we might have some exceptions but back to the topic Gucci collaborated with Superplastic to create this amazing Non fungible token just not this there are more amazing stuff just click here (SuperplasticXGucci).

6. Asics

Asics Sunred
Asics NFT
Credit: Asics

We came across all the luxury fashion brands but what about Athleisure wear Well Asics is here with it’s non fungible token ‘Sunrise Red’. Here is the link (Asics).

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