Latest shoes for women in 2022

Latest shoes for women in 2022

latest trendy Shoes for women

5 Trendy Shoes for women

1. Blanc Chunky Trainers or say White Chunky Sneakers

Even though its been like a year or so they are still damn cool and the look of it with bell bottoms or little loose straight pants are just fabulous

Our suggestion (

2. White Kitten Heels

Well always big heels doesn’t look good and top of that some find it really hard to balance but here is a new style completely fresh with these low cute kitten heels you will fresh and trendy you might even stand out in the room.

Our suggestion Senso (
Our suggestion Giorgio Armani (

3. Straight Leg Boots

Au Revoir too those tight fit and Salut to straight leg boots well best choice to wear with them is a flow dress and they might even go with black jeans or black leggings and now its on you whether to choose flow dress or some black leggings well easy with it you might kill someone with that style. These style is just not only Trendy it is comfortable as well easy to wear and they even provide warmth to your sexy legs when temperature drops.

Our suggestion Paris Texas (

Our suggestion Paris Texas (

4. Ornate Heels

Now this is one of my favourite, the first time I saw those Yves Saint Laurent heels with the YSL logo heel I was in love. My all time favourite well I won’t say anything just take look yourself. Try these with a flow dress they can even go with a four button coat long enough just 2inches or so above the knee.

Our suggestion YSL (

Our suggestion YSL(

5. Combat Boots

What about a strong dominant Style even though this might a little heavy style still it will be like a most trendy and want to stand out today try these then.

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Our suggestion(

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